York jailbreak victors make it to Gran Canaria

One team only made it to Sheffield

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The University of York’s jailbreak adventure finished on Saturday, with one team Mara and the Veggies making it to Las Palmas in Gran Canaria travelling an amazing 3099.7km.

All of the teams departed from the Glasshouse on Heslington East at 10:45 am on Friday and had 30 hours to get as far away from York as possible – without spending a penny.

They were raising money for Kidscan, a charity with the aim of helping every child living with cancer to survive and thrive.

The destinations teams made it to ranged from Stockholm to Berlin, and from Rome to Salzburg. One team however, was only able to make the short 69.3km journey to Sheffield in South Yorkshire, the smallest distance made this year.

Other destinations teams made it to include Crawley, Lille, Brighton, the Isle of Wight and Malmo.