There have been 12 complaints of racism on York’s campus in past three years

The real numbers could be far higher

12 complaints regarding racism were made to the university over the last three academic years, according to information obtained by The Tab under the Freedom of Information Act.

However, the real number of complaints could be far higher, as complaints are not centrally recorded by the university, and the latest figures only include informal complaints received by the Equality and Diversity department.

In 2014, a study by the York Student Think Tank found that 1 in 10 students and workers at York felt discriminated against on the basis of their race.

The same study found that of those who encountered racial discrimination, 4 in 5 did not report it.

In addition, the Tab’s FOI investigation also revealed that no formal complaints of racism were made under the official complaints procedure over the same period.

No further information was provided by the University, due to data protection laws.

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