Which Kanye album is your college? Part One

Five minutes of your time you won’t ever get back

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We may not like him, but Kanye is the one artist our generation can’t do without. In a relatively short career (his debut was only released in 2004) he has consistently produced fantastic records which are all distinctive from one another.

The Tab recently undertook a musical odyssey into his works to solve a question, a question that has been nagging us all for months on end – which Kanye album represents your college?

A definitive list has been made, which should solve the matter once and for all:

The life of Pablo (2016) – Constantine College

It’s his newest record and Constantine’s the newest college on the block. But alas, the comparisons don’t just end there as Pablo often frustrated its critics for its often abrupt endings and incomplete nature (deliberately done by Kanye to highlight the difference between this and Yeezus, obviously), which reminds The Tab of Constantine’s temperamental lifts in B block…


Yeezus (2013) – Derwent College

Kanye’s favorite but no one else likes it. If you’re a part of it you love it. Sonically, it is regarded as his most abrasive and ‘edgy’ sound… and does that not typify Derwent College in a nutshell?


Watch the Throne (2011) – Langwith College

Kanye’s collaboration with Jay-Z gave the world ultimate hits such as ‘Ni**as in Paris’ and heard on most club nights in York. To date, this has been his only collaboration, whilst Langwith has a well known collaborative past after once being situated in what is now part of the wider Derwent community, before being relocated to Hes East. Unlucky mate.


My beautiful dark twisted fantasy (2010) – Goodricke College

Arguably, this is Kanye’s most complex and layered work in his collection. Is this not Goodricke too? Hear me out, but what is Goodricke? It is surrounded by a certain level of mystique where outsiders struggle to find its true being. What is it really know for? Can it be easily defined within 140 characters? No it can’t be and neither can dark twisted fantasy.