All eight Harry Potter films are being shown on campus this weekend

The Dumble-doors will open at 6pm on Saturday

A Harry Potter marathon is happening this weekend, with the money raised going towards ChildReach a international charity with the intention of providing education for those in poverty. A cause well worth getting behind.

Tickets cost £5 and the Philosopher’s Stone will start at 6pm, with the run time of all the films amounting to 20 hours. The event is happening in Derwent College, in D/L/036. More details can be found on the Facebook event.

The event is being organised by self-confessed Potterhead Sam Meadows. Sam is raising money to help build a school in Nepal  this coming August. He very kindly spoke to the Tab:

Why did you decide to organise a Harry Potter marathon?

I wanted to organise an event which was enjoyable and something like-minded Potterheads could enjoy.

What does ChildReach do for children in poverty?

ChildReach is an international charity provides children with a safe learning environment, which allows them to thrive.

Which Harry Potter character resonates with you the most?

Neville Longbottom because he’s a sweetheart. Awh.

Can you confirm or deny that you are in fact the real Harry Potter?

I don’t wish to speculate…

I’ll just leave this here




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