Enter the Mental Health Awareness Project’s creative writing competition

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Keeping mentally healthy in the stressful environment of university is something everyone struggles with. After York’s abysmal results in The Tab’s 2016 Mental Health Rankings and the suicides of five students last year, mental health is clearly an issue which is prominent at our university.

This week, The Mental Health Awareness Project is running a competition that acts as an opportunity to be inventive alongside raising awareness for an important cause. It is a creative writing competition centered around mental health, with two separate aspects, prose and poetry.

For the prose competition, you may either select the theme of “Recovery,” or use the word prompt “they knocked, I ignored” at some point within your writing, which has a word limit of 500 words. For the poetry competition, the line limit is 30 and the theme is ‘looking glass,’ with the rewards for winning including a stress relief box and gift vouchers.   

This competition will go some way to increasing consciousness around the issue and finishes on the 14th February. If you wish to enter, send you poem or prose to [email protected].