Anti-fascist posters appear around campus

No one knows who is behind them

Posters with anti-fascist messages demanding people stay on the right side of history have appeared around the Heslington West campus over the last few days. The posters also criticise the state of the world order and capitalism.

The messages on the posters range from saying: “Punch a fascist: get on the right side of history” to “Ask me to smile, ask me to be nice, and I will spit in ye face.”

They have been spotted around the library, Nisa, outside the Spring Lane Building entrance and in Vanbrugh College. No one yet knows who is behind the posters, their intention, or if it is just promoting a new society.

Alex Lusty spoke on behalf of YUSU saying: “We do not know who is putting these posters up. YUSU in no way condones violence, whether magical or physical.”


Do you have any information regarding these posters? Please send a message to ‘The Tab York’ on Facebook or drop us an email at: [email protected]