Asbestos saga finally ends for Derwent freshers as they return to halls

They went back to their accommodation at the beginning of term

The Tab are delighted to confirm Angus and James have moved back into their room in Derwent College.

A recent article broke the story over how they were evacuated from their A block accommodation to Alcuin with little warning in week six of last term due to a faulty tile in the ceiling, which may or may not have contained asbestos. 

It has since become apparent it was simply a case of a damaged tile, rather than anything more serious. The university had confirmed to The Tab that work to fix the tile occurred over the Christmas break. Derwent B block also had asbestos preventative work completed over Christmas.

Beauty personified

Whilst they did receive en-suite accommodation and easy library access at Alcuin College, both Angus and James are glad to back within a “twenty metre distance to DBar”. 

They can now enjoy sharing one shower between fifteen people on the first floor of A block, as well as being a minute away from their favourite watering hole, DBar.

We wish them all the very best for the remainder of the year.

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