There is a protest against Trump’s #MuslimBan in York tonight

The protest will begin at 5pm this evening

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A demonstration has been organised by Momentum York to protest against Donald Trump extreme vetting against Muslims coming into the USA.

The Executive Order signed by Mr Trump has halted the US refugee programme for 120 days, and has suspended the entry of those from seven majority Muslim countries; Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen and Sudan.

The Order has been criticised around the world and a petition calling for Mr Trump to be banned from making a state visit to the UK, which he is scheduled to do later this year, has already received more than one million signatures, surpassing the 100,000 needed for there to be a debate held in Parliament.

The protest in York tonight is part of a series of protests being held across the country organised by Momentum, a British political organisation. Other protests are being held in London, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and Sheffield to name a few.

The protest begins at 5pm tonight in St Helens Square, near Revs, and details can be found through Momentum York’s Facebook page.

Momentum York told The Tab:

“We are demonstrating to express a feeling of outrage and disgust at the blatantly discriminatory policy that Trump has enacted in his recent Executive Order (the Muslim ban), to protest Theresa May’s weak leadership and cosying up to Trump’s far-right administration, to send a message to Trump himself that the people of Britain reject him and his demagogic ideas, and to show solidarity with our fellow humans whom have been made to feel unwelcome and unsafe in what is supposed to be the leading light of the free world.

We feel it’s incredibly important to publicly express such sentiments, because if we sit by and let far-right characters such as Trump become normalised, then the future becomes a pessimistic and authoritarian place, and we risk losing everything progressive and democratic that we have achieved in the west over the past 70 years.”