Revs will now be selling pizzas on Sunday nights

They’re going to make millions

Revs have finally realised everyone’s dream and started selling pizzas on their Sunday student night.

No longer will we have to brave the cold, hostile trek to Chico’s or McDonald’s to get food at the end of the night, now everyone can stay nice, warm and drunk while munching on pizza instead of being told off by the taxi driver for getting tomato sauce on his seats. 

The new menu of dreams

The club has decided to offer pizzas every Sunday for only £5, with a large variety of different toppings and options, so the classier students among us can sit outside enjoying a goat’s cheese pizza with a cocktail while the rest get a margherita and neck shots at the bar.

Pizzas will be sold all night so even if you’re a committed clubber and have stayed until the very end you can still pick up a slice before the daunting stagger to the nearest bus stop or taxi, and particularly wise students can always take it home and save it for breaks between Monday’s hungover lectures.

Standard Revs photo

Second year PPE student Alex Gowthorpe said “I’m a hardworking student so don’t really get the time to go out but this whole pizza fiasco has given me an incentive to go to Revs next week.”

While some of us aren’t as hard working as Alex here, we can definitely all still enjoy the promise of pizza at Revs.