Tommy Robinson blames university and snowflakes for ‘cancelling’ his talk

The former EDL leader hits out at York on twitter

The former EDL leader Tommy Robinson has hit out at The University of York for canceling his talk that was due to take place later this month.

Posting a video on twitter, Robinson pronounced free speech at universities “dead”, and said that UoY was the fourth university to cancel in twelve months, adding that he had two more university talks booked in the coming months that he expected to be cancelled as well.

Robinson also blamed “the generation of snowflakes which we’ve created who need safe spaces and need to hide away from reality and the truth of what’s happening in their country.”

Robinson, who has previously given a talk at the Oxford Union, was scheduled to talk on January 19th amidst plenty of controversy.

YUSU Activities Officer, Alex Lusty, told The Tab:

“Neither YUSU nor the university have banned or cancelled any event featuring Mr Robinson. The society which originally intended to host the event pulled out of their own volition. Since then, we have received no additional requests to host Mr Robinson.”