The University of York according to Facebook and Google Reviews

Complete University Guide? Nah you’re alright

Upon googling ‘University of York is’ you are met with two potential results that Google has deemed the most appropriate: ‘is it good’ and ‘where is it’. With these slightly deflating queries in mind, what better way to seek answers to them in a 21st century manner than by looking for the answers on social media?

After two years I couldn’t tell you

Here are the best Facebook and Google reviews of York uni. Do you agree with them? Or are online commenters as crazy and nonsensical as they are all over the internet?


This is an auspicious start.


Just not quite 5 star amazing though…


This is the kind of enthusiasm that UoY nourishes.


Well that’s a bit stuck up AND judgmental.


York as a city is primarily labour-voting, but the university does in fact have societies for many political parties.


Concise, and importantly, correct.


YouTuber AmazingPhil went to York. If that gets us five star ratings then that’s just dandy.


So you could relive your York experience, right?


Someone had to like the campus eventually.


Well, I mean, hopefully not.


I guess the time machine thing was a valid complaint then.




Don’t forget shot callin’ as well.


Yeah, you know, all those luxurious domes.


That’s right. Kuda, Salvo, Fibbers, and Mansion do not exist, everyone. Look it up on a compu-oh wait.