Here are the cringiest posts in the York Freshers Facebook groups

‘Do I need to bring an extra toaster or will we be provided with one?’

What did people do before the University of York Freshers Facebook pages existed? Who would the latest batch of students turn to in order to ask the most intensely banal questions? From kitchen equipment to trying to find group chats for other computer scientists, these groups are a gold-mine for the favourite past-time of every 2nd and 3rd year – laughing at freshers.

Here is a selection of some of the best so far, and they certainly wont be the last.

The Kitchen Dictator

 You always need someone to divvy up who gets which cupboard and to leave passive aggressive notes on the fridge when someone borrows the tiniest bit of their milk. Also, think what you could achieve with 12 cheese graters.

The “Should I bring…”

If your Mum told you to jump in front of a bus, would you do it?

Here’s a potential recruit for the Quidditch team

I can answer this one for you Matty, no-one does.

Some people seem to be asking questions just for the sake of it

Probably best to use the one where if you turn it upside down it spells out ‘Boobies’.

Imagine a world without Eduroam

Oh Alice, naive, young Alice, just you wait until you are introduced to the bountiful and beautiful world of Eduroam.

The “looking for shopping advice”

Do we look like the bald nerds who work behind the desk in PC World, Jazmin?

The winner of the “Is anyone living in X” category

No-one ruin the surprise for her.

Course friends are not a thing

Yep, some people are, and they’re all boring as fuck.

The accomodation-swappers

It’s hard to tell which is worse.

We found the only guy studying English lit.

There’s almost definitely a chat but good luck finding any in it.

How did you get into York and yet be so dense

If module choices have baffled you, a PPE degree is going to be a piece of piss.

Unluckiest fresher

What a combination! 

If a student arrives in Halifax and no one is around to see them, do they actually go to the University of York?”

Apparently yes, let us know if you find them.

The preppers

Don’t worry, Paula, there are plenty of gourmet options in the bargain bin in Nisa for students on a shoestring budget.