“Hitler Was Right”: ‘Neo-Nazis’ protest by York Minster

Eye-witnesses say they saw nazi salutes


A large protest has taken place outside the York Minster today by National Action, a group of Neo Nazis with a sign reading “#HITLERWASRIGHT”.

The Police couldn’t confirm who the group of activists were, however all members were wearing face masks with National Action’s logo on and the banner was identical to one seen in Newcastle earlier this year.

The banner reads: “#HITLERWASRIGHT”

Jonny Moynihan, a first year Politics student told the Tab: “There was a guy doing a nazi salute. Then they were lead off by the police to protect from the public. It was a bit intimidating.”

The protest began at around 3.30pm next to the York Minster and protestors were lead away by police at 4.30pm.

National Action is a political group who promote fascism and nationalism and openly support Hitler.