How to dress for Big D

Some people will put more effort in than others

With exams looming, the only things keeping us sane is the thought of the unending fun that will follow. For many students, the pinnacle of this will be Big D, Derwent’s annual festival extravaganza.

With headliners Dimitri From Paris, Fuse ODG, Doorly and Karen Harding already confirmed, it is set to be the highlight of the post-exam frivolities.

We decided to enlist a number of big names (and some smaller ones) from York’s most divisive college to show how they might dress for the theme ‘State of Mind’.

Make sure to get a good squad pic

Some people will take it more seriously than others

Genuine effort is strongly advised 

Who wouldn’t want to look like these two?

If in doubt, wear a shit shirt and care free attitude

Clothes: The models’ own

Get loads of candid pics

So natural

“Look like exams have finished and you’re having fun”

They couldn’t look more enthusiastic if the tried

Prime Instagram material #BigD

Matilda (left) is a Carnival Nightmare and Charlotte (right) is a Daydream

This is how its done

Big D is just over a week away now which gives plenty of time to plan your outfit. Don’t be the one who puts zero effort in. But if you are stuck for ideas, just wear your Derwent merch

Over 1000 tickets have already been sold. Limited numbers are still available and can be found here.

Photos: James Hostford