These heroes had enough of uni so went to Lanzarote instead

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Uni can be a grind. The weather in the north especially can be soul destroying at times. Why bother with uni?

That is the question a group of three York students asked each other last week. But instead of taking yet another library break like everyone else, they decided to say “to Hell with it all” and went on a package holiday to Lanzarote for five days.

Words to live by

The group, none of whom wish to be named, avoided the sweaty confines of the library, opting instead to sun themselves on the popular tourist destination off the coast of West Africa.

Speaking exclusively to the Tab, one of the group told us the motivating factors behind their decision:

It was “completely random. It was sunny in York on Tuesday [the 19th] so we joked it’d be sick to go on holiday to somewhere hot. It blossomed from there and it was booked by three o’clock on Wednesday.”

After booking their flights, the group took a train on the same day to Newcastle, before catching a flight early Thursday morning to Lanzarote. They stayed until Monday night, a total of five days.

The trip mostly remained civil, despite the reputation that usually comes with ad hoc student holidays.

“It was blazing every day,” said the holidaymaker, “so we mostly just sat in the Sun, did work and revision before dinner, and after dinner we’d have drinks and watch the evening entertainment. Oh and we got all inclusive unlimited drinks and food.”

Hot dogs or legs?

It was not ‘all work and no play’, however. On the last night of the trip one of the group won a ‘Mr Lanzarote’ award from the hotel, entitling themselves to a bottle of cava and a free massage. It certainly beats a luxury packet of Monster Munch from the library vending machines.

The intrepid adventurers were quick to recommend such an act of escapism, saying that if anyone had “the time and disposable income they should definitely try a spontaneous trip.” The trip cost just £260 for four nights with flights, food and drinks included.

One for the humanities bunch perhaps.

Slightly prettier than our campus

When asked if they were planning on doing it again, the response was “probably lol.”

If you have found a crazier way of procrastinating, email [email protected]