Rugby fresher has ear bitten in unprovoked attack in college bar

Ear today, gone tomorrow

A fresher has been attacked and has needed stitches after getting his ear bitten by an unknown attacker in Derwent College’s D Bar.

Max Kelly, a Derwent fresher, was enjoying pints in D Bar with his Derwent rugby teammates on Thursday evening when he was assaulted.

Eyewitness Joe Hawkins said that the incident was, “basically like the Mike Tyson attack.”

The rugby lads were enjoying playing the drinking game “pintacus”, which involved Max taking a turn to stand up and say the words: “I am pintacus”.

The unidentified ear-biter then told him to “Shut up” and when Max refused, the assailant put Max in a headlock and bit his ear.


Derwent fresher Joe Hawkins recounted watching the attack take place: “The attack was completely unprovoked,  He bit him very hard as he completely put a hole through his ear and blood was dripping all over the sofa.

“None of the people there had done anything to this guy so there was no reason to say anything let alone to bite someone’s ear.”

Another onlooker, Ben Butler, said: “He basically bit straight through his ear, I don’t think some came off though. He went straight to hospital and he got it stitched up.”

Ben told The Tab how he tried to protect his friend and got head-butted in the process: “I grabbed the guy off Max, next thing I know he’s going for me!”

Following the incident, Max’s teammate, Robert Van Doorneward, took him to A&E, but while they were waiting to be seen, Max continued drinking as he did not have access to any other form of painkiller.

Max drinking in the car park at York Hospital. He surely would have been all ears to other options to numb the pain

Robert Van Doornewaard said: “We pulled the guy off Max and then D Bar staff kicked him out. I then took Max to A&E where we waited for 4 hours and gave statements to the police. I then dropped Max back at uni at around 2am.”

North Yorkshire Police told The Tab: “Police were called to a report of an assault at a bar at the University of York at about 10.30pm on Thursday 3 March. The victim received hospital treatment for an injury to his ear.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to phone North Yorkshire Police on 101, quoting reference number 12160038302.”

Next time Max and his rugby pals fancy a pint in D Bar, they will probably have to play it by ear.