York Tories controversial ‘badger culling’ social wasn’t actually very controversial

Some people on the internet were really unhappy about it

York Tories controversial badger culling-themed social went ahead last week with one member describing the night as “good fun”.

The social had been plagued with controversy after it appeared in national newspapers but went ahead with little difficulty.

The social, which was advertised on Facebook with an image of a badger in a sniper’s crosshairs, billed itself as a hunt.

These are not real crosshairs

The event’s description read: “Committee will be dressed as badgers and everyone else will be dressed as shooters, wearing the best country attire they can find…at 8pm the badgers will get a bus, with the shooters following at 8:30pm. Then the chase begins.”

Some members wore tweeds to emulate the hunter look

Naturally, some people were displeased at the choice of such a contentious theme. One person even posted graphic pictures of dead badgers. Other critics condemned the event as “sad and pathetic” and a “lame idea”.

The event even went as far as to attract the attention of a prominent animal rights group, the League Against Cruel Sports. A statement from them recorded by the Mirror said the social was: “not very funny and made light of a national scandal”.

York Tories Society member and Politics second year Sean Fullerton had strong views on who was behind the majority of the criticism. He said: “The Labour Society needs to get out more if they find this offensive”.

There is no evidence that any of the people complaining about the social are members of the Labour Society.

The event ended up going ahead smoothly and with as much surrounding fanfare as any Wednesday night social. The participants were seemingly unrepentant after the controversy. Sean described it as “good fun”.

The Chair of the York Tories, Bethany Wright, has been reached for comment.