Clubbers of the week: Exam week special

The week when the locals take York

This week we all flocked back to York to take on the essays we neglected all Christmas in favour of Buck’s Fizz and pigs in blankets. However a few of you (along with too many locals) still made it out. Despite the 2:2s, making the elite list might even make that cheeky night out worth it.

Hotties of the week

Runners up

Creep of the week

These are MY gals

Mess of the week

Just having a quick lie down

Romance of the week


Runners up

a luv you

Best photobombs

oh my god

Pulling technique of the week

Bet that gets you all the girls

Most awkward clubbers

Most passionate clubbers

ey Mitchell beat’s good init

Phat Fridays photos by Hodge / Koh Samui photos by Mark Woodward Photography / Society photos by Jack Harrison