Clubbers of the week: End of term special

Christmas time, mistle-hoes and lines

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The Christmas holidays are now upon us and in the past week many have been bemoaning the lack of work they’ve done all term, slaving late in the library to reach deadlines.

Others, carefree and full of life, have gone out and embarrassed themselves by spewing their “house Christmas meal” all over the Fibbers dance floor.

Stunners of the week

Revs has never looked so festive

Runners up

They must have just arrived, they clearly aren’t sweaty enough for Phats

Couple of the week

He paid me £5 to put this in

Runners up

What happens in Salvo stays in Salvo

Hero of the week

An ingenious way of cutting the queue

Runner up

So many questions

Creep of the week

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that face on a wanted poster around town

Runner up

Just no

Least subtle abduction of the week

No-one will know

Best party trick

‘Oi lads look at Dave-o, what a nutter!!’

Nostrils of the week

If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em

Least intimidating football firm

♫ ‘Langwith girls, make some noise’♫

Jawline of the week

People pay good money for jaws like that

Perspiration of the week

Is that shoulder sweat?

Dribbler of the week

At least he’s pleased with himself

Least subtle stalking of the week

Always avoid the accidental like