Deja-Vudu criticised over ‘lads are in for good night’ Facebook post

They said it about a girls-go-free event

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C9 Events have been criticised for promising free entry to girls to ensure “the lads are in for a good night”.

Their advert for Sunday’s Deja-Vudu was later changed to the more subtle, yet no less offensive: “That can’t be a bad thing for the guys.”

It later added insult to injury by promising an hour’s worth of music by Chris Brown – which some have called problematic.

Evie Brill Paffard, LGBTQ Officer, criticised the advertisement. She said: “The suggestion that women go clubbing for the benefit of men is troubling and seems to justify unsolicited attention as part of a ‘good night’ for ‘the lads’.”

She also noted the irony of Chris Brown’s performance. She added: “Chris Brown is a pretty problematic ‘theme’ given his history of domestic violence.”

The promotions company have said no offence was meant and apologised.

Phillip Sutcliffe, promoter for the event, said: “No, I don’t think that sentence in the write up was acceptable at all hence why we changed it instantly.

“The online event was created and written by our junior manager for that particular night and as soon as C9 Events managers read it, it was changed.

“I can assure you no offence will have been meant, and if it was we apologise on his behalf.”