Hell yes: York finalists will vote Labour

Roses aren’t white here


Good news for Red Ed – over a third of York finalists are planning to vote Labour.

Miliband’s ferocious chest beating session to Jeremy Paxman boasting “Hell yes, I’m tough enough” must have intimidated us all into cowardly submission.

Labour has a solid 9% lead on their Tory counterparts, at 36% and 27% respectively. Coming in third with an impressive 25% were the Greens, then the Lib Dems with a fickle 7%.

As a surprise to absolutely no-one at all, UKIP came last with 2%.

But where does this place York on the political university map? We join the likes of traditional Labour strongholds Manchester and Liverpool, with some perhaps unexpected additions in Oxford and Cambridge.

On the other side of the coin, traditionally leftist cities such as Newcastle forecast a Conservative majority among students.

The Greens see a majority in Edinburgh and Leeds, and the SNP in Glasgow and Strathclyde. Across the Irish sea Sinn Féin rears its head as the favoured party of choice.

London remains divided with UCL and King’s cheering on Ed’s apparent dyspraxia in the face of bacon sandwiches, and LSE and Imperial basking in the glow of David Cameron’s Vaselined humongous forehead.

It’s like Where’s Wally but with Gerry Adams.

Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage, and their accompanying flaccid reputations secured no overwhelming student support whatsoever.

Does a Labour majority bode well for York? We may even still see a shift in voting tendencies.

Let’s face it, every single campus is going to be a political mess come election week, potentially spoiling some lovely summer days. It’s good to check the voting forecast as well however to avoid stepping on most peoples’ toes.