YUSU axes next Nouse issue after forbidden party

Lighten up, YUSU

YUSU have axed the next edition of Nouse after their office was “left a dump”. 

Nouse fans (all seven of them) were heartbroken today when it was announced that the next edition would not go to print.

An anonymous Nouse insider told The Tab why the latest edition was axed. He said: “It was for having a social in the office, which we’re not allowed to do, and then someone left the window open. So security were pissed off.”

The York Vision rival have been breaking the rules

But this was not the only reason behind the axing. Nouse has reportedly had issues (or lack thereof) with banned parties before.

Our insider added: “I think there were some comment pieces they weren’t happy about last issue, and I don’t think the party thing was the first time it has happened either.”

YUSU is cracking down on rule-breaking societies

The decision comes after reports that the University is urging YUSU to crack down on “rebellious” societies.

Activities Officer, Chris Wall, said: “They broke a room use agreement, that they had signed and which clearly outlined the possible consequences of such action.

“This was not a decision that Union takes lightly.”