Students run petition to say no to campus nightclub

We love our petitions

Last week, uni authorities announced they were considering spending £200,000 on a new club branded “absolutely shit”. 

Then a student by the name of Ophilia Shlong set up a petition to name the venue “Asbestos“.

Now a new petition set up by Joseph Walmsley-Foxon sets out a list of things the uni could spend £200k on instead of a rubbish club.


Here’s the list:

1 – Put more funding into the Open Door team and other welfare areas

2 – Free sanitary products

Preach it sista

Preach it sista

3 – Open a pharmacy on campus

4 – Holding a promoting an Alternative Freshers Week

Another name for a piss up

5 – Cheaper buses for off-campus students

6 – Cheaper and larger on-campus supermarket

If you think these ideas are better than a shitty on campus nightclub, go and sign the petition.