Vanbrugh ban Christmas

What Scrooges

Freshers complained that their Christmas decorations were taken down by their College Tutors.

Yes, it’s only November, and yes it is far too early to start celebrating Christmas. But that’s not stopping Vanbrugh freshers.

Earlier this week distraught first years had their Christmas decorations confiscated from their blocks by their College Tutor.

They took to Yik Yak to vent their anger.

You're a mean one Mr Grinch

You’re a mean one Mr Grinch

When the college was contacted they said:

“They haven’t banned [decorations], apart from the use of certain lights due to health and safety reasons.”

Once again, it’s just a case of the uni shoving health and safety down our throats. After all, those tiny battery powered Christmas lights could really burn the whole university down….

So no need to panic. Go crazy. Whack up the tinsel, put up the inflatable Santa and squeeze that stupidly large Christmas tree into your kitchens.

They’re so happy they can decorate

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