Strange tradition sees English classes applaud teaching staff

What weirdos

A bizarre ritual sees English students applauding at the end of every lecture.

For most students, dragging yourself out of bed, putting on some questionably clean clothes and hiking across campus in the cold to an inevitable boring lecture is pretty difficult.

But English students seem to be far more enthusiastic about their studies and applaud.

Don’t believe us? Watch the video that proves it.

Second year Sophie Lockett said:

“I have no idea why it happens. Someone must have thought it was a good idea in our first lecture and it just stuck…We’re the only course that does it and it’s super weird.”

Another English Lit student, Alima Nurmukhamedova added:

“When I was in my first year I started clapping because everyone else did. It never occurred to me that it was strange in any way.

“Now it’s a habit really. I think clapping after a lecture which was really awesome is cool, I mean, why not if I really liked it? A nice tribute of a sort to a really good lecturer.”

She doesn't know why they applaud

She doesn’t know why they applaud

Other students were more supportive of the random clapping.

Steph Gabbatt said: “University lecturers are under appreciated in daily life. They work so hard and for what? A meagre salary (lol) but what they really need is constant reassurance that they nailed it.”

It seems even they don’t know why they did it? Who started this applauding nonsense in the first place?

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