York drops five places in The Times’ league table

But we’re still better than most

York has fallen from 11th to 16th in The Times and Sunday Times University League Tables.

The uni was overtaken by Birmingham, Loughborough and the University of East Anglia.

It was York’s disappointing result in the National Student Survey that was blamed for the fall, as the university “slipped in 2014, placing [York] outside of the top 50”.

16th? I'm leaving

16th? I’m leaving

But students are surprised at the slip in student satisfaction. Second-year Law student Peter Thornborough said: “Everyone that I know loves York so I find it hard to believe that people aren’t happy here.

“I have friends in other unis who haven’t really enjoyed their time there, but I’ve never come across that at York.”

But we're still above Leeds

But we’re still above Leeds

But we’re not without our good bits, as The Times was keen to point out.

They highlighted York’s focus on students’ employability, excellent sports and science facilities, as well as “world-leading or internationally excellent” research programmes (because all students care about that).

These guys seem pretty happy to be here

These guys seem pretty happy to be here

And it’s the uni’s reputation and results that attract students.

Fresher Rachel Zarrouk was is still excited to be at York despite the slip. She said: “I don’t think it matters, it’s all stats anyway and it’s not as if the quality of the university will have significantly dropped in a year.

“Numbers and experience are different things.”

Could be worse, we could be York St John

Could be worse, we could be York St John

The Sunday Times echoed that the high number of applications indicates the true quality of the university: “It remains comfortably in the top 20 of our league table and has been growing in popularity with prospective students: applications and enrolments both rose significantly in 2013.”

The University of York itself responded positively to the news. George Offer, the Academic Officer said: “League tables constantly fluctuate particularly in the competitive sector of higher education.

“Although it wasn’t great news for York this time we need to make sure we continue to step up to stay on top.

“We’ll be doing lots of work with our students and the University this year and in years to come to make sure we climb back up.”

But do students really give a shit about league tables?

Amy, 2nd year History student said: “York is a great uni. Everyone knows that. Who cares about official league tables.

“We’re not a load of Oxbridge rejects, we worked hard to get here because it’s a prestigious place.

“We only need to worry when York starts offering “Media” as a serious degree…”