Have you lost your bag of coke?

Because the police have it now

cocaine exclusive

Vigilant campus security sniffed out a bag of white powder outside Halls on Hes East campus on Sunday night.

Police confirmed they were handed a sachet of what was presumably coke, but could have been something else.

But while the mysterious fresher must be gutted to part with such a pricey powder, they are already being branded a “fucking legend”.

A Police spokesman confirmed: “At 3.45pm we received a call from security saying a bag of white powder had been found outside university halls.”


David Garner from the uni press office said: “A sachet containing a small quantity of white powder was discovered outside a public place – yes it was halls, but I’m not telling you which – on Heslington East campus.

“It was handed into security. There was no indication that it was a controlled substance.”

When asked what action the uni would take if it was a baggie of blow, he said: “That’s hypothetical, it’s in the hands of the police now.”

Rumours circulating on campus suggested a fresher had been arrested after he was caught with coke on the way to Weelow.

One student wrote on Facebook: “He’s a fucking legend.”

But police confirmed butterfingers avoided arrest – it’s not all bad luck.