What does your room say about you?

Messy room? Hording your old school uniform? Kebab boxes instead of books?

We’ve all been there. You wake up from a night out and you take one look across your room.

To say it looks like a battlefield or a recent target of a precision bombing would be an understatement. Clothes strewn around on the floor, stacks of paper, library books that have never been opened and loose change spread across the desk.

We’ve not even started on the smell of old kebab take away containers you got that one night to soak up the alcohol (luckily photos don’t reveal the odours of the various crack dens rooms I visited).

But what does this say about you? Does your room reflect the chaos in your head or is it just a lack of personal hygiene? I spent a day wandering around my block and came across a few exemplary university accommodations. 

Organised chaos

sifra 3

Why this person bothered to bring flip flops to uni, I’ll never understand, but that’s not important. What is this?! This person must have a tormented mind and a low appreciation for cleanliness (and day light for that matter) to be able to live in a mess like this.

This is a typical reflection of a chaotic student; probably always loses her keys, never cares to clean up, always in a hurry and absolutely no sense of what a normal standard of living entails. Although probably a very sympathetic and hardworking politics student (i.e. my room)

A man with a plan

sifra 1

This looks more like a place where a human being lives. Probably a person with a structured mind (you can tell by the semi made up bed) and takes an actual interest in his course (the neat stack of books on the desk).

Unfortunately, this is probably someone with no cooking skills and lives off infinite amounts of wheetos. But that is compensated by the fact that this person has the potential for being very financially successful in life. Only a man with a plan carries around a black briefcase.

The hermit horder

sifra 2

I have no words. Except for these: what the actual fuck? This is a hermit’s cave. A hoarder. Someone who does not venture out into the known world, except to the local grocery store to stay alive.

This must be the person you know lives on your floor, but you never see. You only know it’s there, because every now and again something has been moved in the kitchen or when you hear unsettling noises in the middle of the night and you know it has come out of its den looking for food. 

The home away from home

sifra 4

This is a typical girl’s room. The way people envisage it. Not like that first room. Flowery bedspread, no overflowing trash cans and the curtains open to welcome in the sun. This just makes me happy and warm inside.

This must be the room of a caring medic or a friendly book worm, always looking forward to reading a good Jane Austen novel in bed with a hot chocolate. 

Too active to clean

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.53.34

A sporty type. The conspicuous cricket bag in the middle of the room. The loafers lying next to it, and the large amounts of deodorant cans on the desk both revealed someone who likes to sweat.

All indicators of a healthy, happy bloke spending his Sundays on the cricket field. Not to mention the car keys in the corner..boyfriend material.