Nearly 50 per cent of Warwick students are voting Labour in the upcoming election

The Conservatives were the second most popular party

Third year Warwick History students mistakenly given two hours to sit exam, rather than three

The department were quick to rectify the situation

Warwick ranked eighth best university in the UK

We have risen from ninth place in 2017

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Warwick University revokes campus protest injunction

Previously, occupation-style protest on campus was prohibited

The full line up for Warwick Summer Festival has been announced

Ontop of Fuse ODG and Blonde….

All the worst things to say to someone who has depression

Telling them to “cheer up” is hardly helpful

We asked Warwick students: Is it ok for anyone to wear a bindi or a sari?

‘They can’t just pick and choose which parts or accessories of Asian culture that they like’

Jeremy Corbyn is coming to Leamington Spa today

He will be at the Town Hall at 2pm

Shy FX is performing at Kasbah in June

He will be performing on June 17th

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Yes, it is basically a popularity competition

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Kim Kardashian’s unphotoshopped body should come as a shock to no one

Celebrities don’t have an obligation to show you their ‘real selves’ on Instagram

The Jug and Jester is to reopen under new management

It will open on May 22nd and be renamed Old Library

JD Wetherspoon’s have closed The Jug & Jester

The Wetherspoon pub was a favourite among students living in Leamington Spa