It’s finally time, vote now in final of The Tab Warwick’s ultimate BNOC competition

Time to crown the almighty Warwick BNOC

After weeks of voting, campaigning and hilariously stirring up the masses of wannabe BNOC stans, it’s now time for the grand final of The Tab Warwick BNOC 2022. We’ve got three mighty contestants who are going head-to-head against each other for the ultimate BNOC crown: Jacob Evans, Enoch Mukungu and Balaaj Bhatti.

Remember, true BNOCs don’t need an army of fans to pioneer their way to victory – the biggest name on campus should succeed without even trying. So, we’ve now limited the votes to one per person (you have to sign in to Google now). Seem’s fair? That’s because it is. Voting closes on Friday. Let the games begin.

Jacob Evans

The winner of round one, let us remind you of Jacob’s worthiness as a BNOC candidate. He is a second year computer science student who “exudes raw sex appeal” and famously gets lit up in the library.

He loves his cat Nelson more than anyone else in the world, and has been described by fans as someone with “brilliance, beauty and brains”. What more do you need?

An excellent coder, Jacob Evans spends a lot of his time online – it can’t be easy being both a menace on campus streets and a baddie in Excel spreadsheets.

We leave you with these inspirational quotes about Jacob that were submitted in his first round:

“I really dislike that toothpaste” – 1/10 dentists

“What’s up my drillas, Jacob is a real G” – Albert Einstein

“Please vote for Jacob please please please” – The Warwick Tab

Enoch Mukungu

Facing Jacob Evans in the final is Enoch the BNOC, What a rhyme. As a third year history and politics student, Enoch Mukungu is no beginner to fame on campus streets.

We’ve talked to a couple of students who insist that Enoch certainly lives up to his rhyming title: “Everywhere we go, he just attracts attention and dozens of people go up to him and have conversations with him. This is a constant occurrence, people talk about him everywhere even if he isn’t there.”

Apparently, Enoch has a radio show on RAW called “BNOCS at Breakfast”. Evidently, Mr Mukungu has already established his BNOC status and revels in it.

But is he enough for The Tab Warwick? Let’s find out.

Once again, he told us in the second round: “I’m pretty sure the only reason that this is happening is because my name rhymes with BNOC, and I will never forgive my parents for doing that to me.”

Balaaj Bhatti

Last but not least, we have Balaaj Bhatti. He’s been extremely popular over the past few weeks, and is known for “doing a masters in sigma mindset”, whatever that means. He’s a first year econ and industrial management student (I know, one of them) and has a whole team of overly-excited stans behind him – so much to the point where they seem to be trying a bit too hard. But the game’s the game, so here we are.

As mentioned before, Balaaj offered this beautifully moving and touching sentiment when approached for comment. He expressed: “Balaaj Boss. Shoutout to Sarim too.” Brilliant.

But can Balaaj Boss rely on your vote? Will he compete successfully against Jacob and Enoch? Let’s find out.

Who are you crowning the Warwick Tab Ultimate BNOC?

Vote below:



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