‘We stand with Ukraine’ Stuart Croft issues a statement of solidarity

‘I would ask all in our community to stand with Ukraine in these terrible times’


Stuart Croft, the University of Warwick’s Vice-Chancellor, has issued a statement expressing solidarity with Ukraine.

In an email sent out to students this evening, the Vice-Chancellor described the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian state as “illegal and immoral”, “reckless” and “terrifying for all those people under fire in the country”.

He asked all those in the Warwick community to stand with not only Ukraine, but also Russians “who are not responsible for this war” and have “bravely spoken out against it – thousands of whom have been arrested by the Russian State for the crime of peaceful protest.”

Croft detailed the seven levels of Warwick’s response to the Ukrainian invasion.

The first and second involved issuing statements of support with Warwick’s partners in the Guild of European Research Intensive Universities, and EUTOPIA.

In the third, Croft stated he had met with the Leader of Coventry City Council, George Duggins, to discuss how the uni can work with Coventry to support Ukrainian and Russian heritage and nationals. Coventry City Council’s statement can be read here.

The fourth explained how Warwick will visibly show its support for Ukrainians by displaying the statement “We stand with Ukraine” on the big screen in the Piazza.

The fifth detailed how the uni will be “reviewing all relations with Russian State institutions, with a view to terminating relations and contracts where possible.” He said: “This will include student exchanges, and so is very challenging; we will of course engage with the Student Union on this.”

In the sixth, Croft explained how he has emailed the Russian Ambassador to the UK “to protest the invasion of an independent and democratic European state.” His email stated: “We stand with Ukraine at this time. I would ask you, personally, to search your conscience, and stand with those Russians who bravely speak out against war at this time.

“The actions of the Russian State put at risk all the gains made on our continent since the end of the Second World War. The stakes, in Ukraine, in Russia, and in Europe, could not be higher.”

In the seventh, Croft encouraged all in the Warwick community to look at what they can do to support Ukraine, and described how he will be travelling to Warwick’s partners in Babes-Bolyai in Cluj, Romania, in a few weeks to discuss in person how the uni can provide practical support.

He concluded by saying: “Universities, by their very nature, are international and that has consequences: when all that is important is put at risk, we must speak out. Today, that means we must stand with Ukraine.

“If you, as a member of the University community are affected by these events, please do contact Wellbeing Support Services, your Head of Department or Personal Tutor. We will be contacting students and other members of our community who may be impacted directly with full details about support.”

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