67 per cent of Warwick students have had their Covid-19 booster vaccine

We surveyed 1082 students, here are the results

67 per cent of Warwick students have received their Covid-19 booster vaccine, according to a Warwick Tab poll. Out of the 1,082 students who responded to the poll, 726 said they have had the booster jab.

Of the 356 students who have not yet had their booster, 43 per cent stated they had caught Covid-19 recently and are now waiting before getting the vaccine.

67 per cent of Warwick students have had their booster

Of the students who have already received their booster jab, one second-year commented: “I wanted to get my vaccine and the booster as soon as possible – not only to protect myself, but to protect the others around me who could be more at risk.”

Another third-year student said: “Getting my booster before I came back to Warwick was really important for me because before I could even have my first dose back in July, I caught Covid and was really ill with it.

“At the start of December, lots of my friends were catching Covid and whilst catching Covid may be inevitable for someone like myself who enjoys socialising and going to house parties and clubs, at least this way I can reduce how badly I’ll be affected by it.”

43 per cent of those who haven’t received the vaccine yet were recently infected with Covid-19

The Warwick Tab also spoke to students who were part of the 43 per cent waiting to receive their booster, having caught Covid-19 recently. One student explained: “I don’t think I need to [get the booster] for a few months since I got Covid but then I’d be happy to do it”, while another wrote: “I caught Covid a few weeks ago so have natural immunity for a few months”.

However, 57 per cent of those who have not yet had their booster have decided they will not be getting the booster at all.

For example, one student said: “I haven’t even got the vaccine, let alone the booster. I’m scared of needles.”

Another student in their second year explained: “I don’t need the booster because I know that the best protection from serious illness from Covid is my youth (and indeed natural immunity).

“I will not die from Covid whether or not I take the booster jab. With the Covid vaccine and booster shots, you can still catch Covid and you can still spread Covid [anyway]”.

The student has however had their first two doses of the vaccine, explaining: “There are other, non-health related “benefits” to taking the vaccine. For example, certain activities (e.g. travel) now require vaccination.”

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