14 things to do as a Warwick student now your exams are over

And no, crying in bed over failed assignments is not one of them.

Exams over? Done with your diss? Well, congratulations are in order because you’ve made it to the end of this pretty crazy academic year.

We’ve been in and out of lockdowns more times than the hokey-cokey, missed countless Kasbah Mondays (and Smack Tuesdays, and POP Wednesdays…) and I probably speak for everyone here when I say we’ve all developed an unhealthy relationship with TikTok. But now as the sun is vaguely shining and the world is gradually returning to normality, it’s time to get out of the house and celebrate.

We’ve compiled the ultimate summer bucket list for Warwick students, with our favourite suggestions for things to do to fill those perfect assignment-free days ahead.

1. Visit Chesterton Windmill

You’ve probably seen this iconic windmill on everyone’s social media, but for good reason. Only a 10 minute drive away from central Leamington, this is the perfect place for a picnic (and of course, if you don’t document your visit on Instagram, did you even go?)

Obligatory windmill photo

2. Go thrift shopping

Most of us never need an excuse to go shopping but when charity shops team student-friendly prices with the ability to support brilliant causes, how can you resist? Why not spend a morning trawling through your local charity shops in Leamington, Kenilworth or Coventry to find yourself some hidden gems to spruce up that summer wardrobe.

3. Bagels from The Steamhouse

Anyone living in Leamington Spa will definitely have heard of The Steamhouse. This super popular small business sells fresh handmade bagels with an array of fillings (with brilliant options for veggies and vegans), alongside delicious doughnuts and brownies. They make the perfect edition to any picnic in the park- and won’t break the bank.

BRB, just going to ask everyone I know whether they’ll come with me to @thesteamhouse

4. Drinks on the Piazza

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Grab some cans from Tesco at Canon Park (or head to Rootes if you’re feeling lazy) and relax in the sunshine as you listen to the tunes playing in the Piazza or sit on the steps to watch the Euros playing on the big screens.

5. Watch the Sunset at Newbold Comyn

We all know there’s that stonking great big hill in Newbold Comyn. But I challenge you now- grab a blanket and head up there to watch the sunset over Leamington, the views are to die for. And if you’re feeling wild, why not stay up and catch the sunrise too?

Need I say any more? 😍

6. Pub-garden crawl

A classic with a slight twist- pub crawl with your house/flat mates in your local area but only visit places with beer gardens (might as well make the most of the sunny weather- who knows how long it’s sticking around for!?) Extra points if you find somewhere with live music.

7. Go to Hart + Co in Leamington Spa

Love a good Instagram opportunity? Then Hart + Co in Leamington Spa is the place for you. This beautiful bar has some of the coolest decor we’ve ever seen, perfect for the grid. Definitely a must for cocktails with your friends to celebrate your freedom post-exams. And their mouth-watering menu is insane- brunch burgers, loaded fries, brownies, pancake stacks and waffle stacks, churros…

8. Run along Grand Union Canal

Running outside is way better than running on a treadmill. FACT. But have you tried running along the canal in the sunshine yet? Seeing adorable ducklings and the cutest dogs as you run makes the physical exercise worth it- trust me (#hotgirlsummer here I come). And if running isn’t your thing, a long stroll along the canal is just as good.

The perks of living in Warwickshire

9. Road trip to Stratford-upon-Avon

This one is perfect for any history buffs. Shakespeare’s birthplace is just a stone’s throw away in Stratford upon Avon, a 20 minute drive from Leamington Spa. Loved a bit of Horrible Histories as a child? Then why not take the day to explore this beautiful town steeped in history. And if history isn’t your thing, why not hire a rowing boat and take a trip down the river?

10. Picnic at Jephson Gardens

Enjoying the sunshine in the Jephson garden is the epitome of summer. Get some appetizers from a shop on the parade and a portable speaker and enjoy the sunshine with your friends. Why not even try the wine glass-cake hack while you’re there enjoying your best life.

11. Try an Escape Room

Love puzzles and spending time with friends? Fancy yourself to be a bit of a Sherlock Holmes? Then why not try an escape room with your friends at Escape Live in Coventry or Escape Leamington Spa. See which one of you is really the Sherlock of the group and who the Watson is.

12. Visit Warwick Castle

Feeling like a Queen or King- why not go visit the famous Warwick Castle? It has some beautiful scenery to walk around, and the Open Arms outdoor beer garden is the perfect place to sit and grab a cold pint and some delicious food from independent sellers, all whilst admiring the iconic castle.

13. Go watch something new in the cinema

Film tickets are only £5 at the moment at the Leamington Spa Vue, and there are some brilliant new films out like Cruella, Black Widow or In the Heights. Why not abandon Netflix for the night and head to the cinema- treat yourself to a Tango Ice Blast whilst you’re there- we know you want to…

14. Live on the adventurous side and “Go Ape”

Perhaps you are a bit more of a thrill-seeker rather than sitting in the back seat. Then why not climb great heights and zipline through picturesque views at Go Ape in Coventry. Don’t let the adrenaline stop at leaving starting your assignment until the night before.

It’s been a tough year, especially for uni students having to continue to make their way through exam stress during a global pandemic – so treat yourself, you deserve to have some fun this summer!