Will you need a vaccine passport this summer? We asked Leam pubs what they thought

‘We will do whatever is required of us to provide our customers with a safe environment’

The possibility of the vaccine passports being mandatory to buy drinks in pubs has many worried about what their future nights out will look like. There have been whisperings in the House of Commons that the use of vaccine passports may be up to the individual pubs.

The Warwick Tab decided to ask Leam pubs about their plans and if they would implement a vaccine passport policy.

The Prime Ministers’ call for ‘vaccine passports’ in hospitality

Recently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson came forward with a statement that shook the hospitality industry and pub lovers alike.  As part of the roadmap out of lockdown, the PM has suggested that pub goers may be asked to provide a vaccination ‘certificate’ or ‘passport’ upon purchase of their beverages. The government review of these vaccine certificates may be brought forward in May to coincide with the hospitality industry’s re-opening.

Many in the House of Commons contested against the idea entirely, with Conservative MP William Wragg questioning the PM idea by asking if they were “compatible with a free society such as ours.” He went further, saying that the PM is not thinking about “ordinary citizens going to the pub”.

Boris Johnson defended his proposal by declaring it could “be up to individual publicans” to decide if they wish to implement such vaccine certificates. He highlighted further that he often assesses the situation “deeply” as the general public “want me as prime minister to take all the action I can to protect them”.

There has been much outrage amongst the general public about this. Many feel it infringes on their democratic rights and freedom of choice. Many pubs feel that it could harm business has already suffered immensely from the effects of the pandemic and having to be closed for the majority of the last twelve months.

So we decided, to ask your local Leamington pubs what they thought and how they feel about the vaccine passports and equally how these vaccine passports may affect your “hot girl/boy/non-binary summer”.

What do our local pubs think of the ‘vaccine passport’ proposal?

Fizzy Moon

Fizzy Moon stated that they had “mixed opinions” there about the PM’s recent proposals.

However they are all in agreement that “vaccines should be compulsory especially when working with a large number of people on a day to day basis for the safety of you, your families, your colleagues and customers” as they always look to provide the safest environment for their team and customers to enjoy and work.

Following government guidelines is and always has been their number one priority.

The Fizzy Moon in Leamington Spa

The majority at Fizzy Moon said that they “feel passports would be a positive thing not just in our industry however more importantly in the travel industry.”

They also added that they can’t see the negatives with the proposals when “we have to try and live with the virus” therefore we should all want “the best protection there can be for everyone”.

Overall at Fizzy Moon, they are very excited to hopefully open their doors to the public again on the 12th of April.

The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room also had some comments on how the vaccine passports would affect their business in several ways.

They believe that if the vaccine passports were implemented “it would allow [The Boiler Room] to operate at full capacity as there isn’t the need for social distancing.” They continued that “this would give business quite a boost as under social distancing we operate at around 50% [capacity]”.

Equally, they also see some of the issues that would come along with the proposal adding that they “think that it will be hard to implement and would require extra staff and resources.” They believe that this in turn “could apply extra pressure to the business.”

The Boiler Room in Leamington Spa

However, they said regardless they would “do whatever is required of [The Boiler Room] to provide our customers with a safe environment”.

So it looks like whatever the outcome of Boris Johnson’s proposals on vaccine certificates, your favourite watering holes in Leamington Spa will do whatever it takes to keep you safe while you live your best summer life once the reopening of hospitality begins.

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