Warwick to change name to Uni of Canley following allegations of false advertising

A number of complaints have been raised that the university is too far from its namesake

The University of Warwick has confirmed they will be officially changing their name to the University of Canley, following outcry that the university’s name was misleading.

The university campus is situated within Coventry, 1.5 miles from the neighbourhood of Canley. In comparison, the site is located 6.8 miles away from the town of Warwick.

A number of complaints about the false advertising of the name have been raised, with most recent allegations threatening to raise the issue with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP).

Following the allegations, the university conceded that the name was misleading. As there is already a Coventry University, the trustees at the institution have confirmed that they will be honouring the local neighbourhood of Canley.

The maps here illustrate the distance between the university campus, Warwick and Canley

“I just think that this makes more sense,” one student told The Warwick Tab. “Why are we even called Warwick University? I’ve never even seen Warwick Castle.”

For those who have previously graduated from the university, the institution has confirmed that they will be in touch in due time to reassure them about the change, with the offer of new degree certificates to align with the new name.

Inside sources report there were proposals to move some or all of the facilities closer to Warwick instead, but the Sports and Wellness Hub proved too challenging to relocate.

As they occupy the 13th and 17th floors of The Shard, London, Warwick Business School is rumoured to be considering the name Shard Business School rather than taking on the Canley name.

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