Meet the students behind Warwick University’s new TikTok Society

First things first, how do I sign up?

A group of Warwick students have set up a TikTok society, with approval from the Students’ Union.

As of the writing of this article, the Society’s TikTok account has 77 followers. Whilst the Society has not-as of the writing of this article-undergone training for the exec, or submitted the necessary forms to the SU, the Society has set up their online platform for people to join during Term three.

“TikTok for us was an app which no one really wanted to admit they had but had downloaded anyway,” one member of the society told The Warwick Tab. “We eventually all found ourselves scrolling through the app for hours and hours on end. It was difficult to get bored of it because there was so much content to see-from dancing to cooking to comedy videos. There was something for everyone.”

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The society got the idea to start from posts on Warwickfessions, and told The Warwick Tab: “People posted about how they also spent huge amounts of time on the app (time which we should all have probably spent on our degrees), how addictive TikTok is and how funny it is.”

The students were then hit with the realisation there was a “growing community of TikTokers at Warwick.”

They thought: “So why not make it official? Set up a society which unites this community together.”

Two other representatives called Tweety and Emma told The Warwick Tab the app is a “great outlet” for people overburdened with uni life “but it is also a great app to use to be creative, campaign and promote important events that is going on in the university such as the SU elections.”

They said: “We want to use our TikTok account to upload varieties of content from food to fashion.

“We will be re-posting videos sent to us by creators from Warwick as well and hopefully create a supportive and inspiring platform for everyone to watch, share and create content.

“More to this, we want to introduce a society that is current and relevant to Warwick and somewhere where anyone and everyone can get involved.”

The society hopes to have “some fun events” and socials “once every two weeks” to grow the society. Eventually, they hope to create charit events “like bake sales.”

“It would also be great to organise meet ups that won’t just be for those who make TikToks but for people who also just have the app and like to watch them,” they said.

When asked about how the society will organise social events IRL, a representative from the Society, Alyssa, said: “Like in any Society, all our social events and meetups will depend on how many people are actually willing to come along.

“After getting some publicity, we will host a TikTok Soc taster session and from there on, use polls to see how many people would like to continue joining our events regularly or irregularly.”

The Society says they will continue to grow their presence across campus “through several social media accounts.”

“The society is inclusive to all who have never made a TikToc before, to those who have experience with the app and to people who just wanna have some fun, they said. “And we can’t forget our not so sober socials! We plan to host some memorable nights out as well as (hopefully) circling every fortnight where everyone (drinkers and non-drinkers) will have a great time renegading the night away.”

Sign. Me. Up.