Starbucks has arrived in the Warwick Library cafe so RIP my loan I guess

I’ll have an oat flat white, pls and thank u

Stop mourning the loss of our beloved Costa coffee, which sadly met its tragic end last year, as its almost identical cousin has infiltrated our campus.

Yes you heard right – mega coffee corporation Starbucks coffee has infiltrated Warwick. If you go to the Library Cafe they are now serving Starbucks branded coffee ranging from a classic coffee, some tenacious tea and even frisky Frappuccinos.

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Like the Tardis, Starbucks has materialised and replaced Warwick’s lovely own-brand coffee.

The reaction amongst the student population has been a mixed bag to say the least, with some rejoicing the arrival of this American coffee giant; one student has described the development as ‘excellent’ whereas another has demanded the return of ‘my beloved Costa’ and the immediate abolition of Pret A Manger.

The invasion of Starbucks is doing no favour for student finance either, with coffee more expensive than ever before; my mocha has gone up from £2.90 to £2.95. So long the rest of my maintenance loan!

Whether you enjoy Starbucks or not, the coffee chain has arrived in force on Warwick campus. And it seems that it is here to stay.