Huge crowd gathers as Warwick students protest talk by former IDF member

Students could be heard shouting ‘free Palestine’

A large crowd of student activists, including members of the Warwick Anti-Racism Society, gathered to protest the talk given by a former IDF Lieutenant Colonel Eyal Dror.

The talk was hosted by the Warwick Jewish Israeli Society and had been approved to take place by the Warwick Students' Union.

The protesters crowded outside the door where the event was held and chanted "Free Palestine" whilst decrying what they felt to be the whitewashing of Apartheid.

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A photograph taken of the protest

Video footage of the protests can be viewed on The Warwick Tab Instagram.

Protestors could be heard chanting "war criminal" as Dror left the room.

The protesters then proceeded to advance on the University of Warwick Students' Union headquarters, claiming that they had been "sold out" and that "they didn't speak up for us."

A witness told The Warwick Tab: "The protestors chanted outside for about 30 seconds during the talk, then sat down and just waited for it to finish and people to walk out."

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A photograph taken of the protest

A post on the event page for the protest hosted by Warwick Friends of Palestine read: "It is shameful for Warwick to allow an Israeli Lieutenant on especially when just a few days ago 34 Palestinians were killed and a whole family of eight was wiped out including five children.

"The Israeli Army is complicit in the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people."

Angus Taylor, the President of The Warwick Jewish Israeli Society told The Warwick Tab: "Former Lieutenant Colonel Eyal Dror set up and commanded 'Operation Good Neighbour', the Israeli Defence Forces' humanitarian aid unit for the Syrian population affected by the civil war. The operation led to nearly 700 humanitarian operations on the Israeli-Syrian border."

"We respect the right of individuals to protest. We were saddened that they tried to terminate the event. We were pleased that we were able to reconvene in a different room to hear the Lt. Col Dror's incredible story."

"What an honour to host a true Israeli hero."

Regarding the protests, a spokesperson for the University told The Warwick Tab: "There was today a student led event that drew protests from other students.

"The University was able to ensure that both the original event and the protest were able to take place."

The Warwick Tab has reached out to the SU for comment.

Video footage of the protests can be viewed on The Warwick Tab Instagram.