‘I can vouch for the chicken’: An ode to Varsity

A truly hidden gem

So you guys probably get it by now. We love penning love letters to Warwick's finest eating establishments. Dirty Duck? Been there. Canopy? Done that. But as we all know, these aren't the ONLY places on campus where you can get some decent grub.

Which leads us nicely onto Varsity: campus's hidden gem. The food is good, the staff are nice and the chairs are comfy. And whilst, yes, we're all out here on a student budget, the meals they serve are certainly worth leaving with a lighter wallet.

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Almost too good to eat

In fact, why don't more societies take advantage of Varsity? Okay, it might not be the ideal place to hold a circling sesh but it's spacious, clean and serves decent food to boot. Forget taking the bus to Leam. Turn right at the bus stop and just keep walking until you reach this delightful little establishment – I'm certain you won't regret it.

When I went to order my food I found the staff to be attentive and efficient. Instead of having to wait until the middle of the night to be able to order my lunch (something that often goes with the territory of choosing to eat out), my order was taken and a pint of beer shoved into my hand before I could even notice the dent in my bank account.

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Can I be "self-partnered" to this pudding plz?

The sausage and mash was delicious, the sticky toffee pudding was excellent and, to quote a good friend of mine that tagged along "I can vouch for the chicken".

The only slight downside to this restaurant is that it's a bit out the way for students living on campus. Back in my first year, it took me twice as long to discover this place as it did the Dirty Duck or Bar Fusion. Something to think about, perhaps, when you're not trying to put me in a food coma!