‘Stand with Hong Kong’ sign appears outside Warwick SU

The display was put up by students attempting to raise awareness

Hong Kong Protest

A display showing solidarity with the Hong Kong protesters has appeared outside the Warwick SU building.

The display contains posters encouraging international student activism, whilst providing practical advice as to how Warwick students can protest against the Chinese government.

The advice they list (seen below) asks sympathetic students to "join our protests", "say no to censorship" and "avoid purchase, investment and partnership with pro-Beijing business".

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A photo taken of the "Stand with Hong Kong" display

The display was also covered with post-it notes for international students of the Warwick campus to express their support and a series of black and white posters outlining a timeline of alleged crimes carried out against the Hong Kong protesters by the Chinese government.

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A photo taken of the "Stand with Hong Kong" display

One student responsible for the display (who wishes to remain anonymous) told The Warwick Tab: "We want to raise public awareness.

The problem we have right now might apply to anywhere else in the world".

"The Chinese government are more evil than any European country can think of".

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A photo taken of the 'Stand with Hong Kong' display

The student told The Warwick Tab they had received permission from the SU to put up the display for one day between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.

When asked what they would do once this allotted time had expired they told the The Warwick Tab: "We are hoping they can extend this or move this to another place in the SU".

In response to this the University said to The Warwick Tab: "The University continues to facilitate peaceful protest and freedom of speech by all students and staff while also being mindful of the concerns of all other members of our community".

"As a communal space for all members of our community, events on the Piazza are allotted one day as standard".