Warwick SU wants to make consent classes compulsory

A source said the motion would ‘likely pass’

Warwick Students' Union wants to make consent classes "more compulsory" as one of their priorities for this academic year.

The email sent by the Democracy and Development Officer, Milly Last, outlines a list of priorities for the academic year. These priorities had been devised by members of the SU executives during a previous "training session".

One source from inside the SU told The Warwick Tab: "Georgina Milner suggested it, Fraser Amos agreed to it and Declan Dadzie didn't object to it. So if it went to a vote, it would likely pass".

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Taken from an email sent by the Democracy and Development Officer

Georgina Milner said told The Warwick Tab the reason she suggested compulsory consent classes was because "optional consent courses tend to have a low turn out and those who really need the courses are probably some of the least likely to actually turn up to them".

Georgina, Fraser, and Declan are all on on the Development Exec of the Students' Union.

The email also states the intention of the SU to discuss who will "lead" each item within the list of priorities (see below), based on the interest of individual members.

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Taken from an email sent by the Democracy and Development Officer

Further priorities listed for the "Welfare provisions" include "more funding for Welfare campaigns", as well as a push for "more uni funding and culturally competent and personalised counselling.

For the Students' Union's proposed welfare provisions, making consent classes "more compulsory" was listed as the third area of discussion.

This would be the first time that the University of Warwick implemented consent classes or workshops that were not voluntary.

The Warwick Tab has reached out to the SU for comment.