Breaking: Rootes Grocery have released a vegan sausage roll!

Greggs, who?

In a shocking turn of events, Rootes grocery have released a vegan sausage roll.

The sausage roll retails for £1.20 and, according to packaging, is made "with Quorn (Mycoprotein) and herb filling, wrapped in a puff pastry".

The sausage roll comes as the result of SU Democracy and Development officer Milly Last's campaign to expand food options for vegan students.

Her campaign has also seen the introduction of vegan croissants to Rootes Grocery. And, according to an SU Facebook post, there will be "even MORE vegan products" added to the range in Janurary, including a vegan burger.

Milly said: "As part of my mission to be the most self-serving Student Officer the SU has ever seen, one of the first things I did when I came into office this summer was march over to Rootes Grocery Store to request a greater variety of vegan lunch options."

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The full post reads: "After an extraordinarily productive meeting, the shop has since hugely expanded its vegan sandwich range and has just today launched a new vegan sausage roll and croissants! (you may have managed to nab some free tasters today – if so, well done!

"And if this alone wasn't enough, I'm also super-excited to announce that Rootes grocery will be introducing even MORE vegan products to its shelves in January (including a vegan burger!) so, hungry vegans, keep your eyes peeled and your stomachs ready come term 2

"Chuffed to pieces, choking on a sausage roll pastry and one sweet step closer to satiation – this is your DDO, over and out."

One second-year student said: "I'm not a fan of vegan food normally, but it it's anything like that sausage roll from Greggs, I'm in."

A third-year student added: "Would have been better if we did more allergy friendly food tbh."