Kings and queens of Halloween: It’s Warwick’s best dressed!

They’re so spooky, you’ll, like, totally drop your pumpkin spice latte

Oh, October. You bless us with so many gifts: cosy autumn vibes, spooky snapchat filters, classic horror films and of course SO. MANY. COSTUME PARTIES!

But, ghouls and girls, here's the question: Who among you combined haute couture and Halloween to totally dominate spooky season? Here's a round-up of Warwick's best dressed:

Lydia, Third Year, English Lit

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Because there's nothing more terrifying (read: relatable) than the "look at me!" attitude of a narcissistic party girl.

Will, Second Year, History

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I said "NO FIGHTING!" – But on a real note, is there anything more terrifying than the prospect of waiting another whole year until the next season? I think not.

Shahab and Kai, Second Year, Physics and GSD

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An oldie but a goodie. These two kept things clean and cool for spooky season – take note.

Trigg, Second Year, Engineering

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Okay, so this one takes a little bit of explaining. Trigg here is not dressed as Rolf, our beloved campus cat. He is, in fact, dressed as "RaLF" the knockoff version of said beloved cat. Spooky, indeed.

Luis, Third Year, English Lit

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Because there is nothing, nothing, more terrifying on this green earth than an e-boy.

James, Sam, Daryll, Aiden, Joe, Georgina, Fabiola, Anin and Allezka – Second Year

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The aesthetics, the colours, the attention the detail, the teamwork, it's all just so *chef's kiss*

Alyssa, Liam, Matt, Caitlin, and Sam – Second Year

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Now this is how you do Halloween. ICONIC.

Lillie, Third Year, English Lit

Image may contain: Dress, Robe, Gown, Evening Dress, Fashion, Person, Human, Long Sleeve, Apparel, Sleeve, Clothing

Where goth meets Gucci… Sidenote: Can we dress like this everyday?

Edmond and Amy, First Year, Economics and Sociology

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Ugh, they just money-heisted my heart.

Ellie, Second Year, Biomed

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Spooky nd sweet.

Nina Glynn, Third Year, English Lit

Image may contain: Gown, Robe, Evening Dress, Fashion, Human, Person, Apparel, Clothing

In the words of Nina herself: "Nothing is scarier than the imminence of ageing and death." – What a woman, what a costume, what a vibe.