New photo reveals extent of damage inside Sherbourne halls

It’s not looking great, people

Following reports of a fire in Sherbourne halls last night, The Warwick Tab have obtained an exclusive photo showing the extent of damage inside:

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The photo, provided by a resident of Sherbourne, shows the state of the charred kitchen.

There is a large scorch mark above the stove, and it appears that the tiling in that area has been destroyed completely.

Scorch marks can also be seen on either side of the photo. The white wall to the left of the stove has been blackened, but the fire blanket is still in tact.

The floor of the kitchen appears to have been damaged too, covered in debris.

The ceiling of the kitchen, however, has not "burnt down" as previously alleged by a student. Rather it appears to have been blackened by smoke.

There is a student in the foreground of the photo, going through their cupboards. It is unclear whether or not students have unrestricted access to the kitchen. But one student said that residents of the flat in question have been "assigned other kitchens in the block".

The full extent of damage to the rest of the kitchen remains unclear.

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