All the reasons why living in Coventry is better than Leam

Coventry’s not going to hold its silence any longer.

It's October and you all know what that means: flat-hunting season is officially upon us. By now, you've probably been to both Coventry and Leam. You've also probably heard the myth that Coventry is tedious and grey, whilst Leam is where you get the real uni experience. But we're here to tell you something: that's just a myth! A myth as old as the University itself.

Dont believe me yet? Fine. Here are all the reasons why living in Coventry is better than Leam:

The bus journey is way shorter:

Let's start at the top, shall we? The bus journey from Coventry to campus can be as short as 10 minutes. 10 minutes, people. Compare this with the 45 minute journey from Leam, and Coventry already looks like a dream. Not to mention that the bus from Leam is always packed. I mean, just think about not having to wake up at the crack of dawn to attend your 9AM seminar…

It's perfect if you're a shopping fiend:

If you're addicted to shopping, then Coventry is your drug. It has way more shops than Leam (sorry parade) and it's less than half an hour away from Birmingham. Want to know the best part? Train tickets only cost £2.50. That means you could be living it up in TK Maxx or shopping in the world's biggest primark for the price of a cup of coffee. How can you say no to that?

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It's lush and you know it

London is just an hour away

Alright, so maybe Coventry hasn't dazzled you so far. But how about London? Are you into shopping, musicals, or sightseeing? You name it, London has it. So next time you're thinking of a weekend get away to the country's capital, make sure you're living in good old Coventry.

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These transport links are just *chef's kiss*

We have The Botanist:

Okay, this one's super specific but stay with me. We have a Botanist. I repeat: We. Have. A. Botanist. That means great food, instagram-worthy cocktails, and a place to drown your sorrows after uni. Name a better bar in Leam, I'll wait…

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We have loads of cool places to hang out, including Kasbah:

Life can get boring at times, but not in Coventry. In Coventry there's something to keep you busy every night, whether it be competing against friends, hitting up the casino, chilling with a hookah by your side, or clubbing all night long. And even if you have a deadline looming, why not procrastinate in style?

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We are the UK City of Culture, 2021:

Being the UK City of Culture for 2021, Coventry is organising a huge range of events, including art exhibitions and theatre productions – just in case your insta needs a splash of elegance.

Did Leamington get UK City of Culture, 2021? Well, did you? Did you?! I didn't think so – SAD!

We watch our football live:

What's better than watching football games in the Piazza? Watching live in an actual stadium. That's right. If you're willing to hop on a (very fast) train, you could be living your best life in Villa Park or Molineux stadium in no time. Now if that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will.

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Views from student accommodation are lush

So there you have it: a mere sample of the many jewels in Coventry's crown. So what are you waiting for? Better start packing your bags!