Are the new Cryfield Townhouses homely or haunted?

Just when you thought it was safe to leave central campus.

Cryfield Halloween Haunted

We heard your cries: everyone wants to know what the new Cryfield buildings are like.

But the question everyone should be asking is: are they haunted?

So here’s the inside sneaky peek, and the conclusive rating of just how haunted Cryfield really is.

1. Exterior

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To call the new Cryfield buildings pretty would be a bit of an exaggeration. The exterior of Cryfield gives off the same vibe as a Bluebell reject who ended up having to settle for a room in Jack Martin.

Ghosts: The elusive person at the front of every flat with the huge studio apartment, who will forever keep that brightly-coloured blind down to stop you being nosy

Weird Goings-On: Why do the buildings in construction not look like the ones already built??

Most Haunted By: Sounds of construction work, the skeletons of future buildings are scattered everywhere and the clangs of metal will haunt your sleep after a night out

Spook Factor: 2

2. Hallways

Rumour has it the old Cryfield (‘Cryfield Standard’ as Warwick Accommodation has now demoted it to) corridors are two riot-shields wide, the layout taken from the plans of a Scandinavian women’s prison.

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Cue 'Orange is the New Black' theme.

If you hear children’s laughter in the dead of the night, could it be because the colour scheme inside the blocks mimics a children’s nursery. Or, maybe it’s some Annabelle-like doll coming to get you, who’s to say?

Ghosts: The stairs here will kill your legs

Weird Goings-On: Why are the stairways filled with these wooden beams like cell bars? Definitely built off the plans for a prison

Most Haunted By: The echoes of your flatmates’ groans as they tug that ridiculous suitcase up each step

Spook Factor: 4

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3 more flights to go…

3. Rooms

The rooms here are all en-suite, with a small double bed, but this is where the Bluebell-imitation dies a grisly death. The big windows don’t quite match those floor-to-ceiling-privacy-nightmare-horrors of the Blue Mansions, but instead your views are comprised of construction work, or eerie forests. The window seat is cute, if you enjoy staring out at the woodland waiting for Slenderman to take you.

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We all float here.

The biggest and most common complaint here that the green motion sensor light is way too bright, and floodlights the whole room at the slightest movement.

“Even with my eyes closed, I can see the light inside my eyelids, it’s awful,” said one resident.

Thoughtless mistake by the builders, or perhaps a way of making sure the ghouls of the night can’t take you?

How can these tiny little things give off so much light?

Ghosts: There’s only one reason for the motion-sensor lights to be brighter here than any other accommodation block: definitely warding off evil spirits

Weird Goings-On: Double beds are no longer quite a rare find on campus

Most Haunted By: The lack of decent wardrobe space. It’s a serious issue

Spook Factor: 7

4. Kitchen

We’ll say it how it is, the kitchen here is NICE. Divided into two sides, there’s actually a huge amount of space for 12 people, this is serving Central Campus Sherbourne vibes.

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Isn't it shiny?

Also, there’s a TV. Yes, you read that right, every kitchen has an actual TELEVISION.

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Perfect for Love Island.

The telly is actually one of those rolling news-updates screens, but residents have already hacked the system with a simple HDMI cable and laptop – so now you know exactly who has to host the next movie night.

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Time for a nap.

The ‘living room’ corner of the kitchen is a cute addition, what other accommodation has sofas? But the orange and black theme is definitely Halloween-y.

Ghosts: Potentially all those ex-prisoners from the prison site Cryfield was apparently built on

Weird Goings-On: Orange is the new black, the lounge area is definitely channeling that prison vibe

Most Haunted By: Slenderman lurking outside your window. Don’t say we didn’t warn you

Spook Factor: 6

5. Outside

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I'll see this in my nightmares.

Strange mounds are scattered between buildings, which are oddly reminiscent of the mound someone could be hanged from. Oh, yes, Gibbet Hill is named that way because you could see criminals hung from the gallows from upon the hill. If that isn’t spooky enough for you, then just move to Leamington next year, one of the most haunted places in Britain.

Ghosts: The spirits of hanged convicts are said to roam the area of Cryfield village, lurking around the spot of their gallows

Weird Goings-On: If you’re late to a lecture you’re going to have to climb these mounds as a shortcut

Most Haunted By: The sight of ‘Cryfield Standard’ just next door

Spook Factor: 8

So how haunted is Cryfield all in all? It depends, what scares you more? The legend of prisons, hangings or supernatural creatures of the night lurking in the woods? Or paying £6,496.71 for a rip-off Bluebell?