Warwick is replacing Circuit Laundry and we tried the new machines out

They’re certainly functional

The moment is finally here: Warwick SU is replacing circuit laundry… in some parts of campus.

Circuit Laundry will be replaced by Washpoint – a new competitor in the game of student laundrette services – in all areas except Rootes, Whitefields and Sherbourne.

Students' Union President, Ben Newsham, said: "Circuit Laundry has now been removed from most halls and laundrettes on campus. One issue that so many of you were passionate about was the need for improvements to the laundry services on campus – and, to put it bluntly, that Circuit had to go."

It's no secret that Circuit Laundry is the bane of every student's life. You think that folding a fitted sheet is complex? Try putting a wash on in one these machines. You'll inevitably walk away with soggy clothes and a deep seated sense of resentment, cursing every time you took your washing machine at home for granted.

Newsham said: "We have no guarantee that Washpoint, the new laundry provider will be amazing and so I will continue to gather data on how well the new service is working to ensure this marks a real improvement."

We went and checked out the machines to see if they're worth the hype.

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Standing in the middle of a brave new world

After successfully infiltrating Jack Martin's on campus laundrette, we came face-to-face with Washpoint. It was quite the moment.

Anyone who has survived a year with Circuit Laundry would have been equally astounded and shared in our amazement. The machines were sleek, shiny, and new. What's more, they were all fully functional.

After recovering from the initial shock, one reporter dared to stick a hand into one of the dryers that had completed its cycle. The clothes were dry. I repeat: The. clothes. were. dry. A startling scene, indeed.

What's more, the machines come with a handy little top tips section and a washing and drying guide. So now you wont have to consult your mum over the phone every time you want to stick a wash on. Functioning machines and independence? Circuit Laundry could never.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows. As Ben Newsham said: "For those of you who make use of the laundrette behind the SU building or in some areas of Sherbourne, unfortunately Circuit remains in operation for the time being due to different contract lengths."

In other words, Rootes, Whitefields and Sherbourne will not joining the laundry revolution for now. Sad, but predictable.

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Same, same NOT different

The truth will come out in the wash as to how well Washpoint will work out . Until then – for all accommodations bar Rootes, Whitefields, and Sherbourne – change has finally arrived!

Vive la révolution, baby!