Warwick makes the top 10 universities in the UK, according to new rankings

Take that, Bristol!

The University of Warwick has been named the 10th best University in the UK, according to the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020.

The new ranking places Warwick above the University of Bristol, which is ranked 15th in the UK, and below the University of Loughborough, which is ranked in fifth in the UK.

Warwick's ranking has neither risen or fallen since 2019, when it claimed the 10th place spot.

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The Sunday Times Good University Guide provides profiles and individual rankings on 134 Universities in the UK. It looks at criteria, including teaching quality, student experience, entry standards, graduate prospects, completion rates, student-staff ratios, and services and facilities.

By looking at this data, it is possible to see where lower ranking Universities outdo higher ranking ones. For example, Warwick scored 79.2 per cent in student experience, beating UCL (75.4 per cent), Durham (75 per cent), LSE (68.5 per cent) and Imperial (77.9 per cent) – not too shabby.

The top three highest ranked Universities in the UK, according to the Sunday Times Good University Guide are (unsurprisingly): The University of Cambridge, The University of Oxford, and The University of St Andrews. All three top scorers held onto their spots from 2019. In fact, all the Universities in the top five are identical to last year.

The top ten Universities, however, have seen significant change as LSE graduated from ninth place to sixth place, UCL fell from eighth place to ninth place, and The University of Lancaster slipped from sixth place to eighth place.

And whilst Warwick may not have moved up in the rankings, it did beat The University of Coventry and The University of Birmingham, securing it's title as the highest ranked University in the West Midlands. Birmingham placed 14th in the rankings, and Coventry slipped from 46th place in 2019 to 50th place in 2020. That means that Warwick now has a forty rank lead on the latter. See? It's not all doom and gloom!