Time to start saving your pennies! POP! prices are going up

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse

In a shocking turn of events, tickets for popular SU night "POP!" have risen in price.

The tickets, which used to be £4, will be now be sold for £5 a pop. For those who aren't mathmatically inclined, that's a staggering £1 increase. Between this and the car parking situation, the financial status of Warwick students is looking bleak.

On the Student's Union website, POP! is described as a "midweek student spectacular!" complete with a "soundtrack of the purest musical fromage." It also plays host to society socials, and features local legend Disco Dave. In short, it's not a student night you want to miss. So you better start raiding those piggy banks!

A second year student said: "Not much can surprise me, but this news hit hard. I was expecting to experience some lows this year, but not before term even starts."

Another simply said: "Gutted."

The Tab Warwick has contacted the SU for comment.