Warwick parking prices are going up, so you’ll have to take your Fiat elsewhere


In the most shocking scandal to strike Warwick in 2019, the University has revealed its intention to increase the rates at General Pay and Display car parks across campus.

Currently, to be able to use the car parks from 6.00am to 6.00pm it costs £1.20 for up to two hours, £2.40 for up to four hours and a measly £5.00 for the whole day.

Not content with this, the University of Warwick has seen fit to increase these rates. From the beginning of next month and throughout the rest of the academic year it will now cost students the following to be able to park their cars on campus.

Now, students will be forced to pay the extortionate prices of £1.30 for up to two hours, £2.00 for up to three hours, £2.60 for up to four hours and, you might need to sit down for this one: the all-day parking charge will be drastically drummed up to £5.50!

As if that weren't enough, the University has decided to implement a £2.00 charge for parking on campus after 6.00pm.

Don't lose your entire mind though, the charges exclude the Sports Hub car park, which operates on a different tariff to the rest of the University.

Scott Eburne, a committee member of the athletics club Godiva Harriers, which uses Warwick University facilities stated that the new prices meant that he would be "down £560 to £600 plus a year".

Eburne went on to say to the Coventry Telegraph: "We have a good relationship with university but I feel like these charges are targeting people like us, from the local community, who have used the facilities on campus for years and years.

“If they spoke to us before announcing it, and maybe offered us some annual parking passes it wouldn’t have seemed so bad."

The University told The Boar: "We still have costs to create and maintain those car parks and parking systems and pay the parking and security staff who help operate them."

"The new charges are in line with the evening charges that have applied for many years in car parks in Coventry and Leamington, and the new campus Saturday parking charges are in fact lower than many of the Saturday long stay (three hours and above) car parks in those same locations.

"Income from car parking also subsidises sustainable transport on and to the campus including; cycling provision, bus subsidies and shuttle buses."